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 Ventrilo Rules/Access

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PostSubject: Ventrilo Rules/Access   Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:33 pm

=[C]= The Company Clan Vent Info:

7501  ..........      
PW:.... .No Password Needed.......
General Vent Rules:

1. This is Adult Clan and we talk accordingly.
....Kids need to go and talk elsewhere.
....(If you are not 18 or older you better sound and act like it.)

Respect and DO NOT ARGUE with a =[C]= Member.
....(We pay for the Vent server so STFU or move to a different when we ask you to)

You will need to have Mic.
....(No one likes a one sided conversation)

Log In with your Game name. Move to the correct channel
....and announce 

5. Unless otherwise invited somewhere else by
....a =[C]=Member stay put.

....(Exception: When there is a problem and you need to talk to a
....member in another Channel, you are welcome to do so.)

6. Log in to have Fun & Team Play.
(Logging on to Vent just to bitch and moan will only get kicked.
Our forums is the place for bitching.

Any violation of these rules will get you kicked or banned.
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Ventrilo Rules/Access
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