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 Story time with -Rauski- ... The Beginning

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PostSubject: Story time with -Rauski- ... The Beginning   Thu Jan 16, 2014 4:45 am

Gather around kids. It's time for a story. Story of the lost souls in the land of interwebs far, far away.

My story begins when I was a little boy and I was crossing an old bridge in a fog. The fog was so thick you couldn't see across the bridge but your heard everything. While I step further in to the fog I heard some terrifying screaming through the fog. I had of course heard the story of the bridge troll but I was already old enough not to believe stories like that - till that day. When I came closer to the mid part of the bridge I started to recognize some words through the screaming; "CUNT AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHH FUCKIN' HAX.." and so on and so on. I decided not to stay and find out where that came from nor who or what was the cause of the screaming. 

I was already cross the mid way and saw the other side of the bridge through the fog when all the sudden I couldn't move anymore. There it was, standing front of me with a cigarette in its mouth, glazing at me with its blue eyes. It actually looked normal and not so scary at all and people around us were calling him Mario. To me he looked more like aryan than italian. It asked me: "how can you jump and shoot in the same time?" I replied "wut?" "Say what again and i'll kick you" it said. At that time I had no clue what this creature was talking about and once more I said "wut?" and it took no longer than 3 seconds when its giant foot found my ass and I flew out of the bridge.

It took me few weeks to come back to this fogy bridge but this time there was no sign of that same creature. Instead of I met Tony, a tall ugly albino and a fat fellow called Rabidwolf. Both of them seems to be more interested of eating and rubbing each others bellies than caring who was on bridge. Odd enough both of them started following me, and I felt like a little boy lost in a church. Fortunately I met a young hansom fellow call Dunpeal and his boyfriend Fetus and their Australian ladyboy Maggot. They were nice and helped me cross the bridge. They told me how I shouldn't fear the bridge troll and how nice he actually is. I left them middle of the bridge kissing and hugging each others. 

Other side of the bridge there was a tower with two entrances. By the tower I met an another fat fellow called Bob. Bob was a wise old man with bald head and looked little bit like santa clause without the beard. I told him I would like to go to the tower and he reply advisedly "are you sure you don't want to go to the objective". I had no idea what was he talking about and I asked him is it ok go to the tower. Bob told me I had two options. Go trough the cellar and find a hidden way to the tower or use the stairs. "both ways are dangerous so choose wisely" he continued. I had a choice to make, continue my travels or feed my curiosity by entering the tower. I decided to take a chance with the tower and so my trip to the loony bin begins.

In my mind stairs was the best way to enter the tower. Middle of the stairs a fine looking gentleman with a suit stopped me. His name was Mr. Zappy and he was holding a chain in his hand. The other end of the chain was around of neck of a huge hairy 300lb Gorilla. Mr Zappy asked what did I want and I told him that I wanted to enter the tower. "Very well but you must answer following questions before you can do that" he said. I thought myself how hard the questions can be and asked him to carry on. He gave me a list of the questions. 

1) Do you spit or swallow?
2) How old is your mother?
3) Any naked pics of you or your mother?

My first reaction was "WTF IS THIS SHIT!" As soon as I screamed that out of my lungs the hairy beast woke up. He took a step towards me and I started running. While running down the stairs I felt a banana hitting back of my head. I was fortunate since it only graze me a little bit. Even though I was taken back from all of this I decided to try once more enter the tower. This time from the cellar. 

I opened the cellar door and I saw two doctors touching each others. Their names were Doctor Abn and Doctor Macabebe. They showed me the hidden door and behind it there was a ladder. Both of them felt harmless and I didn't think twice to start climbing up. All the sudden some one grabbed my hands top of the ladder and the two doctors grabbed my ankles. I was stuck! I felt how one of the doctors striped my pants and entered a huge dildo up my ass. Same time mexican looking man who was top of the ladder took his cock out and said " Chupame la polla" Later i found our he was actually Chilean and not Mexican and his name was Papi. I was helpless. All three were laughing and I felt again like a little boy in the church. Now I know why that way to the tower is called a rat tunnel. Finally they let me go and I continued to the tower room. 

I entered the room. It was full of smoke and I recognized the smell from my time in Amsterdam. The room was quiet and only thing I heard was a quiet whisper saying "Lonerider, where are youuuuuu". In the corner I saw an old hippie smoking a joint. He looked like an old redneck Jimi Henrix with his gray hair and colorful clothes. There was also a small gay looking Cambondian fellow trying to catch a fly with a chopsticks. The room was peaceful and no one seem to care I was there. Top of the boxes was sitting a large fellow. He was the Boss of all the weirdos on that bridge, including the bridge troll. First I though they called him a Semen but later I found out they actually called him Cman or Larry. I approached him carefully until he look at me and asked, "What do you want". I said, "I want to know the meaning of all". He looked at me with a fatherly face and said "Bend over and my brothers and sisters will show you the meaning of all". And I did bend over and I was ass raped by all of them time after another and I found the light. I found the meaning of all. 

I spent many year in this loony bin with all these perverts before it was time me to continue my travels. However, I find myself often thinking back the times I had on the bridge with these perverts and the others who found this place as home. I feel fortunate and I will never forget the bridge where I found the light (up my arse).

This was my story how I met the Company Clan.

With Love

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Chief Financial Officer

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PostSubject: Re: Story time with -Rauski- ... The Beginning   Thu Jan 16, 2014 1:56 pm

Rauski...!!! LOL. Oh!! The memories! Good old time bud. Was laughing my ass off reading your story. so damn true. Hell, some of us went through the "Initiation" as soon as we got in the clan or were being "Recruited" LOL.


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PostSubject: Re: Story time with -Rauski- ... The Beginning   Thu Jan 16, 2014 5:00 pm

OMFG!!! I spit coffee all over my keyboard and screen, made me laugh for over 5 min. you Finnish sexy puto, damn i didnīt laugh reading not even my divorce  lol! , good read and i miss you, my sexy Russian putita...

btw. it was "chupame el pico"  lol!


Hey, i might not play golf like Tiger Woods, but i can sure fuck like he does...

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=[C]= Ambassador

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PostSubject: Re: Story time with -Rauski- ... The Beginning   Fri Jan 17, 2014 1:35 pm

A good laugh, and a reminder of the membership that went through some tough times and a lot of great times.

And like you, busy in my mind, dealing with my present day journey, every once in awhile, I think back, about the times on the Bridge and all those I was privileged to interact with and without hesitation, a smile comes over my face and the day seems brighter in that moment.

Thanks Rauski

A Big Hairy Friend


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PostSubject: Re: Story time with -Rauski- ... The Beginning   

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Story time with -Rauski- ... The Beginning
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