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 hey guys

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PostSubject: hey guys   Thu Jan 07, 2010 1:32 am

of course i could write a book on this but i am going to leave this short, sweet, to the point. (i wrote this before i went on a rant....less short, more sweet )

I don't believe that I have formally apologized to all =[C]= members for a lot of the (unprovoked by you guys of course) confrentations and bullshit in the past. There was a deep seed from a long time ago that was a complete misunderstanding and that has fully been resolved...the stuff with the rest of you was (as some would call) the inocent stuck in the crossfire... I look forward to lots of hours logged in your server, lots of fun, lots of bullshit, and overall...good fucken times. Ocasionally i will accidently overstep my bounds...kind of like tonight, and i will watch myself....just some nub clan piss me off because quite frankly, 90% of their clan are assholes and i tend to run my mouth to all of them....(i am pretty sure you are aware of how i am lol) if i had VENT ACCESS!!!! i could see if its a problem for me to run my mouth to some cunt!!!! Or you can bitch at me a few times verbally!!!(HINT HINT hahaha) well...recognizing an intoxated rant i will end it on this.... All of you are great players...All of you are fun to play with...I really look forward to stay around you guys, shaking my rust off from my large gap of not playing this game, and hopefully KICKEN YOUR ASSES!!!!! Companyman, really hope to play with you soon. The ones i have been playing with the past few days since i came back to the game.....Great games and MANY MORE!!!
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hey guys
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