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 Hi'ya all

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PostSubject: Hi'ya all   Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:48 am

Been a long time since i was rly active on any forum at all. I've been playing aa2 since a while now... guess 4 years or more and always had my breaks and other games that attracted me. Am pretty much done with 'em all and only game that i cant let go is.... its not even AA itself... its teh friggen bridge!

Well more about me... turned 31, am a musician, playing bass since i'm 12 years old. After the studies realized that there's so no need for ppl who study music nowadays... <.<
So ended up being a teacher... gosh i hated it with a passion. Now i got like 3 different jobs and no real schedule... always on the run.

Compared to not so long ago(2 years?), this game is nearly dead and i realize that there's no need for people like me to stay back. Infact i feel like those ppl who rly love the game should stick together even more. Am sick of modded servers and with my passion for bridge its like... impossible to find a decent server to play in peace. Atm i could name 3 servers that keep on running and gimme the feeling that they'll never die: AWA, OGG and =C=.

Just had a funny experience this morning on your server. Think was ]-[onormaster that kept spamming the server and made it all crash and go fuzzy. Bosse and Corwinoid were there too, started to shout and cuss but ofc no real effect. Doorbell rang, mailman there and when i came back and logged into the server again, spawned right next to teh hacker. He still had his cheats goin' accuracy, aim, recoil etc... he shot bosse right infront of me and i knew have to be quick or be dead...
...and i got him!!!


So a big THANK YOU!!! for keepin' the server public, still trying to enforce some rules and hunt down smelly hackers! Well thats my story, off to work now... Sleep

Btw: changed my name from Staying-Alive to def_hoe!

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PostSubject: Re: Hi'ya all   Wed Sep 08, 2010 6:41 am

Staying-Alive wrote:
So a big THANK YOU!!! for keepin' the server public, still trying to enforce some rules and hunt down smelly hackers! Well thats my story, off to work now... Sleep
Is there something you'd like to admit?
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Chief Financial Officer

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PostSubject: Re: Hi'ya all   Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:07 am

Heya Dr. Phil Smile. TY for stopping by the forum bud Smile. I think we're gonna have a band-wagon going on here, LOL. 1st we got =[C]=AngrySaxon that love his Sax Smile. Now we got Corwinoid into his music too.

Yeah i agree. There are alot of F/C Server now and they are really screwing up the Orginallily of the AA Game itself. Many of the Old Timer that i've met these days while playing AA Bridge Crossing are saying the same thing.


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PostSubject: Re: Hi'ya all   Tue Sep 21, 2010 11:17 am

old times sake eh sammy ! HOOAH !
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PostSubject: Re: Hi'ya all   

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Hi'ya all
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