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 That guy again?

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PostSubject: That guy again?   That guy again? Icon_minitimeSun Jan 06, 2013 1:45 pm

Oh... sup guys?

I haven't seen any of you in a year and change, or so. Sorry I haven't stopped by to say what's up or crashed any games lately. Don't be mad... it's been a crazy year.

First off, hoping to fix that. Soon. Just picked up BF3 and I'm looking forward to getting good and done shot up by some of you in the near future. Jesus christ I am horribad at that game. For the crew that went to WoT instead: I'll miss you guys. Tried it, hated it :/

So, what's been going on that's kept me so tied up that I can't even drop a forum post? Well, me and the gf fell on some not so easy times and ended up moving back in with my family; this went about as well as living with my family went the first time I tried it, and I pretty much had my hands full just trying to keep my life in order.

Not many of you will remember, but I'm from LA originally, moved to Houston for a while for various reasons, and blah blah blah. About 9 months ago I got a job back here in Cali and moved back. Unfortunately I moved back with basically what I could carry in a backpack. My backpack doesn't fit a computer, so until mid December I was computerless.

ZOMG, why? A job? Doing what? Why did it take you so long to get one? So many questions!

Actually I'm working at this little company called Wayforward Technologies, making video games. Late last year the team I was on shipped Double Dragon Neon for XBLA and PSN (Go forth and check it out, it will take you back to the better times of the 80s, I promise). This was cool as hell, except for two small things -- first: I came on at the end of that project, right as we were ramping up for crunch time, and as someone both new to the company and the tech there in general, I was absolutely swamped trying to get up to speed and contribute. I started working 14 hour days, and at some point days stopped being days, and every day felt like Friday (because every day felt like the day after should be a day off). Including Saturday and Sunday. The worst point of it was when I went out with Bri one night, and then came home, and I was bored and didn't know what to do because I wasn't working... so I went back to work. Second: Bri couldn't move with me right away, this was a huge bummer and a huge money sink for a couple of months.

Unfortunately that leads into "Why did it take you so long to get [a computer]? And come give C some love?!" Well... when Bri finally moved out here, her mother offered to watch her daughter for a few weeks while we got settled, bought furniture, and pretty much got over the hump of moving out here. Sweet gesture, right? Except for the part where she decided to take advantage of the opportunity and file for custody of her grandchild. Fortunately this is illegal, unfortunately it meant sending Bri back to Texas to go fight it. For the last four or five or however many months I've been supporting her living there, and me living here, and paying some ungodly sum of money for a lawyer to help us. This left no money for computer, and really no place in my head to even think about games I wasn't working on, or online things.

The judge hearing the case finally got everything in order and dismissed the petition for having no merit in mid November, but Bri got stuck still in Texas dealing with all of the other minor legal crap that came up as fall out. It's amazing how much petty shit there is to deal with in a case like this. I went back to visit for Thanksgiving, and stayed for about a week. My girlfriend became my fiance. That's the only time I've seen her since September (I think, time just kind of bleeds together at this point). It was a good trip, but I miss her. They're coming home in a couple of days (the 8th), and I'm unbelievably happy to be putting my family back together. No, really, it feels like an emotional balloon that someone just keeps blowing air into. It's awesome. In spite of the cost, it was worth everything I've gone through to finally get her and her daughter back.

I'm still hella in debt from the experience though, but last month was the first time I was anywhere near financially stable enough to do anything for myself... so a computer was my christmas gift to me. It's a nice rig, or will be when I'm done with it... but I'm still working fairly psychotic hours... but by choice. I don't like being home, the only thing to do here is stair at blank walls and empty space and count time until I get my people back.

So soon... very soon... you will start seeing me terrorize the halls of BF3, as my life settles back into something resembling normal, and I have the time and energy to start playing games again. Albeit, probably not as much as before... working on games for X hours a day kind of makes me not want to play them at the end of it sometimes.

Looking forward to a good year coming up, and hanging out with you guys again. Here's hoping it's a good year for y'all too.
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PostSubject: Re: That guy again?   That guy again? Icon_minitimeSun Jan 06, 2013 2:11 pm

Great to see you back again Corwin Smile. Life can be hecked at time, but if we all can hang in there and fight for what it's worth? It's priceless. I'm happy for you that things turned out good for you bud.

Till then, i'll see you in one of our BF3 server.
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That guy again?
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