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PostSubject: Dig It   Dig It Icon_minitimeWed Sep 25, 2013 12:12 am

The Singer is a REALLLLLLYYYYY good friend of mine, we been good friends for about 25 years, and went to college together. The first time i watched him on stage the Club Owner made him bring his report card and a note from his mother saying it was ok to let him in and sing on stage, THEN the club owner called his mother just to make sure he wasnt trying to pull some shit. The rest of the band consist of Rex Brown (bass player for Pantera) and Vinny Appice (ex Drummer for Black Sabbath. Happy as hell to see another friend make his way in the music world.

Also if you get a chance check out a band called Juliet and the Licks. The bass player (Jason Womak) is another good friend of mine that i grew up with, he actually played  guitar for the singer above when we were all teenagers. if the singer here looks familiar her name is Juliet Lewis (from Natural Born Killers)

I may live in a bassakwards redneck state but we produce some of the best musicians to ever walk this earth, if you think i'm lying just remember a controversial Rock n' Roll singer by the name of Elvis Presley (he is from Tupelo Mississippi) Smile
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