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 9.0 on public test server

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9.0 on public test server Empty
PostSubject: 9.0 on public test server   9.0 on public test server Icon_minitimeMon Mar 24, 2014 4:20 pm

You may have seen this, if not, then you should check it out. Test server is in Russia, I believe, so it's got a high ping, but all the changes are in and working, including Historical battles. If you want to play in the test server, you have to download the test client, put it in it's own folder. You get 20k gold, 100M silver and 100M rp, plus all the tanks you currently have are available. As you can see, you can buy any tank you want, put all the upgrades on it, use gold rounds and fully trained crews. Downside is that nearly all players are russian and all historical tank maps are in russian. Got a Pzkmpf Vs turret blown off, when I got ammo racked, last night. Pretty cool. Not sure how the damage is calculated or if everyone is using gold ammo, but 3 hits and you're toast, pretty much, no matter what tank you're using. Graphics are much improved, as are textures. High angle fire with SPGs still isn't possible and the maps are all still the same size. All maps I've been on, have gotten a terrain overhaul, from what I can tell and it seems to follow 8.11 updates, in that regard. Currently, there are only 3 historical tank battles. Prokorovka(sp?) and Elberfeld are the maps used. Elberfeld is used for Russian v German and USA v German. Prokorovka is Russian v German. In these fights, you can only use tanks/ammo that was actually used in the real WWII fights. US tanks are limited to M4A3E8, M4A1E2 Jumbo, M18 Hellcat, M10 Wolverine and M36 Jackson, for example. They did make a mistake with the E8, for this fight, though. They put a 75mm gun on it and all the E8s had the M1A2 76mm gun. Looks odd as hell. Standard battles, though, you can use the tanks you have and buy new ones. No, any upgrades you make to tanks you already have, while on the test server, won't carry over to the same tanks on the game server. That is something they made certain to point out. Same with tanks you buy. They don't transfer back to the game server, either...................................dammit. Bought a US T28 Proto and put all the upgrades on it............120mm gun does nasty things to tanks of all sizes. Fun though  Very Happy
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9.0 on public test server
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