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 Welcome to Our World!

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Welcome to Our World! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Our World!   Welcome to Our World! Icon_minitimeMon Jan 14, 2008 5:53 pm

I'd like to welcome you all to what began as MY world. I now share my world with the greatest guys and gals in America's Army. Many have taken the initiative and have contributed to making our AA world bigger and better than ever. The =[C]= Company Clan has enjoyed unprecedented growth in our servers and in our members. We have three of the most popular servers in our AA world.

I have been criticized by some, as "living in my own world" and the fact is... they're right. My real life aside, this is the world that I choose to escape to when I need entertainment, challenges, and when I want to be with my friends. On our servers and in our forums, only our friends exist or matter. If you choose not to share our world as a friend, you will not be a citizen of our servers or forums. These are OUR worlds and only WE decide who stays and who goes.

Our goals are to populate our world with people that are fair and honest, and people with whom we share common beliefs.

In building this world, I have tried to treat people honestly and fairly. Have I made mistakes? Certainly. Do I regret some of my decisions? Absolutely. The key is that I try to admit my mistakes, try to correct them to the best of my ability, then try not to make them again. Sadly, I have made mistakes as to who was, and who wasn't, my friend. However, I consider that part of life's experiences and it won't stop me from making new friends as fast as I can.

I have chosen to lead a clan. That means that at times, I need to delegate authority to people whose judgement I value and trust. Do they make mistakes? Certainly. All of us do. They too are learning from their mistakes and improving all the time. Never forget, they are here because they have value.

As a clan leader it's up to me to occassionally make hard decisions that outsiders may not agree with, but are in the best interest our world. If you are a citizen of our world, you have a right to voice your opinion. If you are NOT one of our citizens, you have no input whatsoever.

The fact is... it IS my "own little world", and it is home to the best and the brightest in the America's Army Universe. You can choose to live on the outside, or join us on the inside.

Thanks for visiting =[C]=Company's world.
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Welcome to Our World!
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