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 True story from when I, Jung, was in Afghanistan

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PostSubject: True story from when I, Jung, was in Afghanistan   Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:45 pm

We were in the middle of a five hour firefight and the enemy was
shooting 82mm mortars at us. Their first round landed about 10m away from one of our towers. Each round they
fired got farther and farther away from our position until they were over 600m off. I think they were
raising the cannon up to shoot farther and lowering it to shoot closer
when, in fact, the opposite is what works. This is the iCom (type of radio) chatter we
intercepted after they fired about 10 rounds:

Taliban Commander "What is wrong? Why aren't you hitting them?"

Taliban Mortarman "Our targeting is good...they have some kind of force field deflecting our rounds"

Taliban Commander "OK, stop shooting. Save the ammo for tomorrow"

Two days later they were shooting mortars at us again.

*inaudible transmissions*

Taliban Fighter "I think the force field is still up"

*inaudible transmissions*

Nothing like good old American magic...

Side note: We ended up getting a brand spanking new white power generator in a few days prior. I'm guessing that's the "force field generator".
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PostSubject: Re: True story from when I, Jung, was in Afghanistan   Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:15 pm

LMAO!!!!! Truth is stranger than fiction.
Glad their ignorance kept you safe.

One the comical side of things:
They were lucky your Phaser Banks were only 10% charged and the photon torpedoes were on back order. Razz


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True story from when I, Jung, was in Afghanistan
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